Audiobook Narration - John Fleming
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Audiobook Narration

Fiction, Comedic Spy Thriller:
Poison Control by Dom Testa

A super-spy with sass, and one particular skill.  Think James Bond meets Fletch.  Visit for details on this 5 book series.

Lifesavers and Body Snatchers by Tim Cook

An exploration of the medicine of World War 1, this excerpt includes quotes.

Fiction, Medical Mystery:
Bitter Paradise by Ross Pennie

An instalment of the Dr. Zol Szabo series, this clip has a two men, one woman (and a parrot) conversation.

Drama, Fiction:
Road Ends, by Mary Lawson

Set in the fictional, northern Ontario town of Struan, buried in the winter snows, this excerpt is contemplative, first-person narration.

Poison Control Cover - small
lifesavers cover - small
Bitter Paradise cover - small
Road Ends cover - small

While these are some of my favourite books that I’ve done, let me know if you’d like a full list of the over two dozens books and novels I’ve narrated.